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AF Chip "Dandelion" IV Generation for micro 4/3
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AF Chip "Dandelion" IV Generation for micro 4/3

( BelOMO )

One of the problems of using manual focus lenses on Olympus with micro 4/3 bodies is that focus confirmation is disabled. When AF lenses are used - even in manual focus mode - all Olympus micro 4/3 bodies confirm focus with a green dot in the viewfinder and an (optional) audible beep.

However when non-EF compatible lenses are used via an adapter, the focus conformation is disabled. Olympus didn't have to do this, but they chose to. Unless the camera thinks that an EF compatible lens is attached to it, it switches off both visual and audible focus indication.

If the camera could somehow be tricked into thinking an EF lens was attached, then the focus confirmation indicators should work with any lens attached. Well, this is just what the developer of this special Chip has done.

Evolution of AF confirmation chip

Af chip dandilion for Olympus and Panasonic

From autumn 2008 the new AF emulator chip generation 4 are produced. Externally the new AF emulator chip looks exactly like the previous version, but internally it’s completely revamped. As from Spring 2009, this emulator chip has improvement to the quality of metal contacts (i.e. the gold plated contacts are much more shiny and therefore quality of contact to the camera pins are better!)

The new version has the programming option, that is, you can change aperture and focal length settings without removing it from the camera. In addition, the new AF emulator chip has calibration function that makes focus confirmation more accurate.

Lastly, the most important advantage of this new version is the ability to change settings of AF emulator chip using the Camera itself. See programming instructions.

This AF emulator chip is suitable for all micro 4/3 cameras.

Kit includes:

  • Original Focus Confirmation Chip by mr.V. Lushnikov for Olympus micro 4/3
  • Plastic Corner
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